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In our lifetime, we experience at least one significant life event – a moment so monumental it becomes a part of us. A story we will never forget. Although it’s difficult to wait patiently for the day to arrive, there’s also much planning to be done. After all, wrapped into this point in time is the bittersweet reality that it will soon be over. We want everything to be magical, just as we dream it will be..

Fabula Films captures your important, once-in-a-lifetime events with artistic, short films worthy of a cinematic experience. Even if you don’t know exactly what you envision for your special day, our creative process reflects your individual personality and heart. Not only will we surprise you with tender moments you miss behind the scenes, but you’ll say, “That’s so us!” when you finally watch how it all comes together.



Fabula Films is a Montreal based wedding and event cinematography studio. The word “fabula” comes to us from Latin and is defined as fable or story. We believe that a film story must be emotionally compelling; it should acquaint us with the main characters in their natural state, without being scripted. In other words, we get out of the way and film you as events occur in real time. You won’t have to stop what you’re doing (ever) to give us a different angle. In fact, except during the photoshoot session, you probably won’t even notice we are there at all.

“We hardly remember his presence, so much that even our guests don’t recall seeing a videographer!” Zarema, wedding film client
  • Patrick
  • Jeannine
  • Rabih
  • Noah


What makes our film stories so compelling is that we don’t shoot for a pre-determined edit. Although you are the stars on your big day, we believe it’s important to document all your guests, family, and friends (as well as you) which requires more footage. We are available for up to 13 hours of coverage, which gives us an abundance of highlights to choose from in the editing phase. And finally, we may incorporate the latest special film effects and production equipment, including slow motion using high frame rate cameras, 4k Ultra HD aerial shooting, and other equipment for a high-impact motion picture.


Patrick Saad, Founder & Head Cinematographer

As a young entrepreneur and filmmaker with a passion for video and cinematography, Patrick has over 15 years of experience in filming and producing short films, corporate and promotional videos, and video case studies. He collaborates with your photographer professionally and creatively to make the day flawless for you.

Noah Leon, 2nd Cinematographer
Jeannine Tchakmakian, Assistant Videographer

A very good understanding of framing and lighting is a must to create a high-quality film worthy of a cinematic experience. We enlist at least one additional cinematographer (a cameraman who is also a Director of Photography) and when necessary, an assistant who allows the team to be exceptionally efficient.

Rabih Madi, Director of Photography

In 2013, Patrick partnered with childhood friend Rabih Madi, an award-winning wedding photographer, to further enhance our wedding cinematography. Although Rabih has his own company, Madi Photography, he has been an integral member of the team, especially as the social butterfly in the group. There would be no Fabula Films without Rabih's collaboration and talent. For your wedding photography needs check out his website at

“I 100% truly and honestly loved working with you as you removed my fear of working with videographers. Rather than imposing, it was as though you weren't there, and yet when I saw your video, you highlighted incredible moments of the day. I was floored!” Ashley MacPhee, wedding photographer


Helen & Peter - a wedding in Mont-Tremblant

a Wedding, a Journey - Quebec city

Sarah & Adamo - a wedding Trailer

Myrna & Raniero - a wedding Trailer

Vanessa & Gilbert - a wedding Highlight

Myrna & Raniero - a wedding Teaser

Sarah & Adamo - a wedding Teaser

Annick & Evan - a wedding in Quebec city

Arlen & Manuel - wedding Teaser

Chantal & Marc-André - wedding Trailer

Marcela & Georges - Short Film

Jennifer & Andrew - wedding Teaser

Carla & Marco - wedding Teaser

Taline & Nazo - Highlight Reel

Anna & Anthony - Wedding Trailer

Fabula Films Demo Reel 2017

Parisa & Behrad Wedding Trailer

Rahill & Rami Wedding Teaser

Catherine & Robert - Highlight Reel

Y & D Wedding Teaser

Fabula Films Demo Reel 2016

Patil & Nareg - Wedding Trailer

Jeannine & Patrick - Wedding Teaser

Simona & Tim - Highlight Reel

Tiffany & Raffy - Wedding Trailer

Annie & Leon - Wedding Trailer

Melanie & Alfred - Wedding Trailer

Tracy & Fady - Wedding Trailer

Louise & Nir - Highlight Reel

Chrysanthi & Alexandre - Wedding Trailer

Geneviève & Jean-Sébastien - Wedding Trailer

Leslie & Milo Wedding Trailer

Fabula Films Demo Reel 2015

Alina & Elie Wedding Teaser



Movie Trailer (approx. 2-3 minutes), Highlight Reel (approx. 7 minutes), Short Film (approx. 12 minutes), Feature Film (approx. 20 minutes)

Packages are customized for each film story by complexity, length, and pricing (weddings start from $3,000). Request a call back below so we can schedule a time to discuss your event in detail. We look forward to hearing from you!

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